Okay so this post is not about Dolphins or about Animal Welfare. Instead its about People, people getting together and attempting to have a good time.

(Following pics taken by my mate Dylan Kruger)

Over the last couple of years I have become more and more aware of how when young South Africans go out to play, someone goes home with a broken nose, a bloodied shirt, a smashed cheek bone and most importantly a broken ego.

Every party ,festival or gathering where alcohol is consumed I have been to in the last few years I have been witness to at least one heavy brawl (yes this includes going to watch the Cricket, the rugby, or going for a mates birthday at The Griffin). Its messy and it ruins lives. This might sound like an exaggeration but its not, I have even begin to see the gay kids punching, slapping and screaming at each other. This never used to happen, it is now and often.

I simply put this down to two things, alcohol and my Karma (ha ha ha you knew that was coming right, you know how us Buddhists roll)

I thought this equation was to blame: Alcohol + Ego = Aggression.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go check out the We Are One Colour festival. Its a festival modelled on Holi, a Hindu celebration. Except its not a Hindu festival, it wasn’t about Holi instead it was about Colour and about Oneness. Yes they ‘stole’ aspects of Holi, they have coloured powder and every hour on the hour we go wild and throw it all over each other and have a lot of fun. There is Booze and music and I expected it to be another excuse for most to have some fun, get drunk and maybe punch each other.

But it wasn’t…. instead I was so super surprised.

You see the Colour powder made all of us look the same. No jokes, when the buckets and buckets of powder came down it covered us all in pinks, blues, yellows and oranges which eventually becomes brown and makes us all look dirty.

You couldn’t see a Gucci white tee from a Mr Price special. You couldn’t see a pair of Police Sunnies from the pair someone bought at China Mart. The self-tan was replaced by brown powder. Your hair looked crap, your teeth were covered in blue powder your mate accidentally threw in your mouth. Black dudes looked brown, white dudes looked brown. Fat chicks looked funny, skinny chicks looked even funnier. Yes we really BECAME ONE.

(Following pics taken by my mate Harry)

And with this the game changed. I did not feel one moment of aggression. The usual bravado was gone. Not a single fight (that I witnessed).

The usual H2O boys with their shirts off waiting in a long long line to get booze, instead of staring each other down were talking to each other.  When one dude threw powder all over another dudes girlfriend, they all chased after each other down, tackled him and began emptying bags of colourful powder all over him.

Yes they were pissed but it seemed different.

Amazing when we all look the same theres not much to fight about, not much to argue about, we are ALL ONE.

Maybe the equation should be Ego = Aggression. (or Grant’s Karma = seeing aggression :-) )

So maybe The We Are One festival was not a Hindu celebration , but somehow it was the best example of one of the main tenants of Hinduism I have ever seen – Oneness: ‘Hindu principles state there is one unity among all of creation. Since our source is one, divisions and differences are shallow and unreal. Such a belief leads to a gentler and kinder world. Hinduism’s compassion extends beyond humans to animals and all beings’