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What other participants of the ULP Workshop have said :

‘This workshop was really helpful and I learned SO much! Feeling super syked and inspired! As long as the bank agrees, you better believe I’ll be at the next workshop!’ – Dean Friederich

‘I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much. I already spoke to my manager as to my show changes. It felt like I was on air for the first time today’ - Rose (UJFM)

‘My dreams are getting there. Thanx again Grant’

‘The workshop was absolutely amazing. Often as a radio presenter ons hits a wall, or gets stuck in a rutt with content.’

‘This workshop opened up my eyes to the endless posibilities of content.’

‘And the same way that an olympic athlete needs years and years of training to be the best, we also need to train ourselves to produce content.’

‘Grant himself was amazing, punctual, and energetic. The use of multi-media was well incorpotated with the content of the workshop. The practical demonstration of the theory was stunningly refreshing and inspirational.’ – Timo Schutte (TUKSfm)

‘I gained so much from this workshop and i would happily sit through another one! – Yael Druckman

‘I had a great time and it made me excited to start creating content. The knowledge that was shared transcends into any medium – but the passion that you have for radio, is enough to get anyone excited to want to do their best for radio.

‘Thank you for a good day and sharing your burning passion for creating awesome radio content with us all’. – Duan Wanty

‘I loved the workshop and everything made sense to me and made me aware of what is meant by content. I was so motivated Ive even started podcasts to practice. I will be sending them to radio stations out there soonest. Thanks for everything Grant’

Step 1 - Register for the Workshop

To register your details for the radio workshop, please fill out your details in the form below. Once you have registered, proceed to step 2.

Step 2 - Payment

You will only be fully registered for the radio workshop once you have paid the full amount.

Please deposit the amount of R1250.00 (per person registering) into the following account to secure your place in the workshop:

First National Bank
Account Number: 62330857402
Branch Code: 250655

*Please use your name and surname as reference for the payment.

Once the full payment is received in the above bank account, your place in the workshop will be confirmed via email.


Workshop works on a first pay, first place basis. Your spot is only secured once the full amount has been paid. Due to the limited space available for these workshops refunds for cancellations will be discussed on an ad hoc case by case basis. You will be notified once the current Workshop is full and we will start a waiting list for this Workshop and open up registrations for the next Workshop.

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