And just when you ready to go home. The season is done, they have packed away the bangers. Just then Taiji has a great way of reminding you why you came here in the first place.

This morning on our last loop of Taiji we saw four ‘coffins’, a train and a truck getting ready to transfer four Bottlenose Dolphins to Osaka port. The last tweet the cove Guardians posted as to the dolphins final destination:

Thanks to local Japanese activists, info is dolphins possibly transfer to Shibushiwan Daikoku Dolphin Land in Kushima, Japan #tweet4taiji
2013/02/28 2:24 AM


The process of transferring and transporting Dolphins is brutal. They are first caught by the trainers and then brought over by two skips. They are hanging in slings on the side of these boats. They are then lifted by crane and lowered into coffins. They are literally the size of coffins.

They have no ability to move in these crates and are then put onto the back of a truck and in this case put onto a Vessel. Hours and hour and hours in these tiny little crates. I can only begin to imagine the terror, the confusion, the agony.

These creatures went from swimming 40-50 miles a day in the ocean. To spending months in tiny pens, starved and taught to beg for food. Yes the tricks you see them doing are not tricks to make you smile. They have no intention to entertain you. They want food and the only time they get food is if they do these tricks. They are begging for food. They are then forced to spend hours in tiny crates. Only to be put back into some small tank somewhere in the world to continue begging.
This is cruelty at finest and I’m not sure how and why we accept this. It cannot be acceptable.

Lets continue to stand up for Compassion. Respect and Love.

Chat when I’m back in SA.

Have a great day.