Just before I hop into bed hoping for rain tomorrow I thought I would quickly answer the question I have been getting the most since I arrived in Taiji.


Grant when you see those killers , those trainers, those torturers face to face don’t you just want to punch them, smack them, kicked  them, attack and drown those scum ?



Absolutely not. You see as hard as this may be to accept and believe I don’t for one moment feel an ounce of anger towards the killers or trainers.

Let me explain. Firstly, if I had to kicked them, punch them, attack them or drown them I would BECOME them. I would be no different to them. They kick, punch , drown , attack and kill. I would become the very thing I am standing against. The very root of my fight is rooted in compassion, love and peace. Take these things away and you get hatred, anger and violence. These transpire and come alive in what we have seen on film happen in The Cove. I have come here to try my very best at spreading COMPASSION. Not simply add to the hatred, anger and violence.

The second is not that easily explained without going into a 13 page Buddhist essay. Lets simplify it and say. We as Buddhist believe that we are all equal is the fact that we all search for happiness and its causes and by our previous actions at trying to attain this we have created our perception of today , of this life we live. We believe that our past shapes today. Shapes who we are and what we do, why we do it and predicts what we will become. We believe the killer will become the killed. The killed quiet possibly the killer and the only way to end the cycle is through compassion. So anger at anyone or anything regardless of the actions simply create exactly that, more anger.

If the second one sounds to wishy washy and way to idealistic for you then remember the first reason. I came to Taiji to try stop the violence NOT TO ADD TO IT.