Im going to make a little commitment here today.

Every Saturday between September and March of every year I’m going to do the practice of  ‘ The Ever-flowing Nectar of Bodhichitta’ as dictated by Lama Thubten Zopa in 1980. Im going to do it in honor of MY NEW FAV day. The day the killers don’t go out to hunt. Even when the hunting in Taiji stops, I will continue this practice as a reminder of the day the hunters never went out to hunt. (for those Buddhists among us, I have chosen this specific practice as it is one that is used to annihilate the Demon of Self-Cherishing mind, the root of all of our problems. I think its a fitting practice to honor the day by trying to eliminate this)

You can find the practice here on the Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive.

No jokes though, I have always enjoyed Saturdays. Rugby, Family, Vegan braais but now its been given a little extra meaning. Seeing the pain and trauma that the Dolphins go through in Taiji, everyday that the hunters don’t go out to kill should be celebrated like its the greatest day of your life.

I know I’m sounding slightly dramatic here. But you only have to see it once, then put yourself in these self-aware highly intelligent beings place for a moment. Try to imagine the terror, the confusion, the exhaustion, the pain and the anguish. Trust me everyday they don’t hunt –  I WILL CELEBRATE.

For those that haven’t seen the updated way they kill our Dolphin friends please watch this and share it:

So the bangers poles have not yet been removed from the banger boats yet. Apparently when the seasons officially over they remove the poles and safely tuck them away ready for the next season of terror. This could mean that the season is not over. This could mean that tomorrow morning the hunters could go out to try find a pod. This is very sad. Im gonna do a lot of hoping tonight that by the time we arrive at the harbor tomorrow those poles are off and packed away, packed away for good.

As a side bar we as the current Cove Guardians have an exciting project we would like you to get involved in, i’ll tell you about it tomorrow. Thats going to be my Tip on how you can help. But its going to have to wait till tomorrow.

Om Mani Padme Hum – my friends.

May we all have happiness and the causes of happiness
May we all be free from suffering and the causes of suffering
May we all be inseparable from the happiness that is free from suffering
May we all abide in equanimity free from attachment for friends and hatred for enemies