So this morning when we went to the harbour to follow the Banger boats going out, the fishermen just didn’t show up. Now usually  I would be well unhappy when a bunch of people just decide to take a personal day and don’t pitch for work. I mean we have an economy to run here people. In this case though, its most wonderful.

Bangers in harbour

On a serious note though as Mel our leader on the ground has explained on the Cove Guardians Facebook page we think they might be slowing down towards the end of the hunting season. They only have a week to go so maybe its all winding down. But you never know with this Fishermans’ union as we saw yesterday when the fishermen just decided that their quota for Risso Dolphins were a mere number and they decided to kill another ten.

We spent the day in between the harbor and the Dolphin Captive facilities as some no kill days are firm favorites for transfer. These are when they move Dolphins either to other countries or just inside Taiji itself in Pens and facilities around the city.

Here are just some of the pics from one of the captive facilities, with great description on the Cove Guardian Facebook page:

My incredible friends at Sea Shepherd SA told me to look out for this Pilot Whale. From what I understand this Whale has been there for three years now. In these tiny little pens for three years. He/She has been showing terrible signs of depression for many years now and today once again was no different.

Sadly this blog is one sad sad place to visit right ? Im sorry about that and trust me I post these pics and videos with a heavy heart.

Lets hope for another Blue Day tomorrow.

My tip for how we can stop all of this is going to be the same as yesterday because tomorrow is the big day:


We are holding a peaceful protest outside the Consulate of Japan in Cape Town and Pretoria, to raise awareness of the brutal daily slaughter & captive trade of migrating Dolphins in Japan. There will be simultaneous demos in London, Edinburgh, Pretoria, Dublin, Belgium, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Rome, Melbourne, Santiago, Dusseldorf, Holland and more joining every hour!
This is an excellent opportunity to let our voices be heard before the International Olympic Committee visit Japan for their facilities inspection, before they consider the Tokyo 2020 Host City bid. We must ensure that the IOC is not allowed to turn a blind eye to the slaughter, which is sanctioned by Japan’s Government.

Bring Vuvuzelas, whistles, drums and lets make sure people hear us. Remember that the more props we have with us the more impact we will make. Don’t be shy to bring your stuffed dolphin from childhood or dress up. Banners and posters should be large and clear. Please no profanity.

PLEASE NOTE, At no point do we condone boycotting Japan, inciting hatred or violence, profanity or negativity towards the citizens of Japan. Our events are aimed at the people in POWER who have the ability to end the Dolphin Hunt, but chose not to.

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Remember.. Extinction is FOREVER, we must ACT NOW..!

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