So the hunters either seem to be slowing down as they reach the end of the season or they have just taken a long weekend off before their last major onslaught before summer. Sadly only time will tell but today The Cove runs BLUE.

Blue Cove

In the summer Taiji town becomes a tourist destination where people from all over Japan come to see and play with Dolphins (in captivity of course) what most of these people don’t know is the hunting still continues but in a different way.

This is their offshore Whaling Vessel that they took out this morning:

Whaling Vessel

We are not sure if they went hunting this morning or if they just went for a quick joy ride to see if the boat is ready for next week. They tend to go out for two or three weeks at a time and catch as many Whales and Dolphins as they can then bring them back into harbor before, replenish the boat and go out again. We will update you as soon as we get a visual on the vessel again.

If you wondering yes they harpoon the Dolphins in the summer months :-(.

The Harpoon

If you haven’t been following Sea Shepherds Southern Ocean Campaign against Whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale sanctuary please go check its out on the Sea Shepherd Australia page.

Here is also a super article about Japanese Whaling from the Globalpost.

On a more exciting NOTE Today is Global Taiji action day.


Here is a picture taken from the first protest happening in Melbourne.

Taiji Day in Melbourne

Apparently the turn out has been brilliant so far. PLEASE go and support the Pretoria and Cape Town event or the event in your city. WE NEED TO MAKE A NOISE. (For details on the events click here)

Please send me pics of the events so we can upload them onto the blog.

Have a great day out there SAVING the Oceans and the friends who call them home.

Till tomorrow may it remain Blue forever.