For starters a full detailed write up of todays hunt can be found here: (SEA SHEPHERD COVE GUARDIANS (OFFICIAL) on FB)

How does one begin to describe being so close to something so tragic?  By all accounts it was a quick and clean slaughter we witnessed today. The hunters are masters at what they do. By the time they have that pod in the harbour mouth they only minutes away from driving them into The Cove and slaughtering the lot. Risso Dolphins are known for their docile , calm and loving demeanor. Couple this beautiful demeanor with exhaustion and you have animals that eventually understand that their fate is sealed as they get pushed right up onto the killing beach in Taiji. Thus the hunters ability to slaughter them in minutes.

After watching the drive for about an hour , we made our way to our vantage point above The killing Cove. This is where you get to hear more than see whats going on. These are the tarps the Fishermans’ Union have wrapped over the killing cove so we can’t see whats going on underneath them. Thankfully the truth is never hidden and we know exactly whats going on, on that beach of death.

Tarped off Killing Cove


Driving the Pod into The Cove

So after you see them driving these guys under the Tarps. You hear this crazy thrashing sound. This is the thrashing of ten Risso Dolphins as they are pushed further up the beach. This is the thrashing of ten Risso Dolphins as they are dragged up onto the beach and are butchered one by one. As I was standing there listening to this I was reminded of the sounds of a Cows slaughter house. The cries and the groans the Cows make when they about to get shot in the head. The sounds of a bellowing Dairy Cow after her calf is taken from her for the Veal industry. The sound the Chickens make when they hung up alive before they have their throats slit. The sound of the Pigs as they squeal and fight to live one more day. The sounds of DEATH. Almost more lasting than the sight of it all.

I’ll never forget the sound of those ten Dolphins fighting for their lives. It will stay with me forever.

What breaks my heart the most is that It doesn’t have to be like this. We have found a way to survive harmoniously. To survive as healthy compassionate human beings. It only takes a little bit of dedication and a will to not just talk about compassion but to live it. When I went Vegan I got to try practice this Compassion.

The sounds will haunt me forever but I take heart in the fact that the day will come when it will end. It has to end, we have to end it.

For the next few days I will be giving you one tip everyday that can help us end this merciless killing in Taiji Japan.
Today join this – MAKE A STAND. Say NO MORE:

We are holding a peaceful protest outside the Consulate of Japan in Cape Town and Pretoria, to raise awareness of the brutal daily slaughter & captive trade of migrating Dolphins in Japan. There will be simultaneous demos in London, Edinburgh, Pretoria, Dublin, Belgium, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Rome, Melbourne, Santiago, Dusseldorf, Holland and more joining every hour!
This is an excellent opportunity to let our voices be heard before the International Olympic Committee visit Japan for their facilities inspection, before they consider the Tokyo 2020 Host City bid. We must ensure that the IOC is not allowed to turn a blind eye to the slaughter, which is sanctioned by Japan’s Government.

Bring Vuvuzelas, whistles, drums and lets make sure people hear us. Remember that the more props we have with us the more impact we will make. Don’t be shy to bring your stuffed dolphin from childhood or dress up. Banners and posters should be large and clear. Please no profanity.

PLEASE NOTE, At no point do we condone boycotting Japan, inciting hatred or violence, profanity or negativity towards the citizens of Japan. Our events are aimed at the people in POWER who have the ability to end the Dolphin Hunt, but chose not to.

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Remember.. Extinction is FOREVER, we must ACT NOW..!

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