Yes it was raining this morning and yes that means the killers stayed indoors. Warmly wrapped up with their pots of green tea and watching Ninja Warriors (I heard its a firm favorite amongst the Dolphin hunters).

An entire week of BLUE. We are so grateful.

So yesterday I promised to show you how Taiji Town has gone to great lengths to make the town seem like some sort of Dolphin, Whale loving amusement park. Where happy Dolphins frolic about and Whales come by just to say hi.

BUT instead I want to welcome our two new guys in town.


Yesterday on the SEA SHEPHERD COVE GUARDIANS PAGE (OFFICIAL) we showed you these two new Belugas. They had arrived from Russian on an exchange for four Bottlenose Dolphins.

Today when we went to go and see how they were doing we found this:(as reported by Cove Guardians on FB)

The cover Up

They have moved the Belugas to the outer Pen and have moved the two False killer Whales and the two Bottlenose Dolphins into the front pen.

The reason why I’m showing you all of this is I want you to see how traumatic all of this is for the Dolphins.
Below is a video I took of one of the Bottlenose guys. Watch closely as he stays popping in the same position (He stayed in this position for hours on end). Then every now and again he would show the behavior exhibited in this clip. This is their way of trying to get the trainers attention. Remember they only get fed and are given attention when they do funny tricks. The sad thing is we were the only ones there. The trainers were on the other side of the pens. Its like this guy was simply trying to reach out. This is a completely unnatural learned behavior. One that the experts on the ground tell me is of a distressed and dysfunctional Dolphin.

I sincerely hope you will continue to appreciate the fact that what we are witnessing here is a completely cruel and barbaric industry.

Tomorrow the weather is meant to be fine and clear. Not so fine for our Dolphin and Whale friends if the hunters have anything to do with it :-(

Till tomorrow. Lets hope for a Blue one.

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