Very rarely would you see eight people standing in the freezing cold , the pelting rain and howling winds with MASSIVE smiles on their faces.

I will never forget today, by all accounts the worst weather I have ever simply stood in. We stood for two hours. We watched the Dolphins and Whales in their pens our hearts broke for them but we smiled for their free swimming brothers and sisters. The dichotomy was so beautiful.

So its been six full days without a hunt and tomorrow by all accounts will be a rainy day in Taiji Town :-)

If it is I will get some pics and take you around the town a little, showing you the Whale and Dolphin imagery used around Taiji. It looks like an amusement park but the Dolphins and Whales who end up here are in for a far more gruesome ride than expected. (Excuse the cheesiness in the last line, but you get me right ?)

Singing in the rain

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Till tomorrow – Om Mani Padme Hum my friends