Sadly the weather was perfect this morning and at 06:20 ten banger boats went out hoping to find a pod of small Whales or Dolphins. At 09:45 we could see the boats getting into the now infamous half moon formation. They had found a pod. We were up at our vantage point and when I saw this formation forming and Konrad a senior volunteer began pointing out what happened next. My heart began to sink. Its true I’m actually going to experience the slaughter right in front of my eyes. I thought I was ready for this but at that moment I wanted to walk away. My eyes began to tear up as I saw the Pod come ever so slowly closer and closer to the shore.

Konrad was telling us that this Pod was either very big or extremely active because they were really putting up a great fight. At 10:45 the Dolphins were bravely continuing to fight the fight. The boats almost seemed to stay in the same areas for tens of minutes. It was so painful watching movement after movement as the boats push then realign, push then realign.

Some two hours after the initial push at 11:45 the Banger boats GAVE UP THE BATTLE. The pod of Dolphins had won this round. The Boats turned and started to make their way back to the harbour.

I can not begin to tell you how amazing it feels to see a Pod of Dolphins out there struggling for just over two hours and then manage to get free. I somer started a slow clap I was so excited !!! If I have some non-alcoholic champagne up there ID BE POPPIN BOTTLES BITCHES !! :-)

This is the look of AWESOME. Banger boats coming home EMPTY handed.


Niks, Nothing , Nada


Coming home

So thats five days without a slaughter. So so happy for the fishermen today with good intentions or bad they manage to avoid making some bad bad Karma and avoided killing. Me and The Dolphins we had some good Karma ripen. Sadly as Samsara goes we bound to suffer again soon. (For those of you who don’t know ; I’m a Buddhist so apologies if you don’t understand the meaning of some of the Buddhist terms above, to try to explain the true meaning of some of these concepts could take us 13 Blog posts lol. Im no Buddhist teacher but a simple follower :-) )

Lets hold thumbs the COVE IS BLUE again tomorrow.

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Till tomorrow – Om Mani Padme Hum