See the Fishermans’ Union in Taiji are such kind people they give the killers Saturdays off. These guys need to rest their weary bodies, hauling Dolphin around can be a grueling job man. Hell, actually the Fishermans’ Union is MEAN. They should give these guys two days off. Actually how about a week off. No No take six months off SERIOUSLY. Actually not to long ago an environmental group offered to pay these guys their yearly salary if they stopped killing. They could sit at home and watch baseball for the rest of their lives and still be paid. But alas weather permitting (God, or whoever you dig praying to, Forbid) they will be out tomorrow planning to kill. Brutally killing innocent beings.

So yes NO HUNT today !! Woo Hoo

Today we spent most of our time at the Dolphin Base captive pens and I got some footage of what we were talking about the other day. Someone asked me why these Dolphins after getting caught don’t just jump the nets and swim away. One of the theories is that besides the antibiotics, vitamins, sunscreen tablets (no jokes they burn in these pens), these guys get twice a day they are also fed antidepressants made to chillax them and also to skew their natural instincts.

All Dolphins kept in captivity get these cocktails of drugs to try keep them from going crazy injuring and killing themselves and others. So much better for them than the wild yeah ? Starved and drugged.

So here are the trainers taking the cocktail of drugs and shoving them in the Dolphins feed:

Pharmacy ala Taiji


The deal going down


MMMM Delicious Prozac

So next time you see a ‘happy’ Dolphin at a show, remember he/she is starving and completely drugged up.Hopefully after reading these BLOGS there is NEVER EVER a next time at a Dolphin show :-).

Okay I’m off to bed. Up early in the hope that somehow we have a 5th consecutive BLUE day tomorrow.

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Om Mani Padme Hum everyone.