I have come to learn that there is nothing more exciting for a Cove Guardian than the sound on rain bucketing outside your window. Yes rain = NO HUNT. The hunters stay indoors when the weather plays up. Which means DOLPHINS get to safely swim around Japan for another day.

So Day 2 is another BLUE day here in Taiji. YES PLEASE !!

But before we get to excited here I want to tell you about these two captive dolphins we were monitoring yesterday. Here they are below:

Depressed Dolphins

These are two Bottle Nose Dolphins in the Pens we were talking about yesterday. Myself and the team leader were watching these guys for a few hours yesterday. When we first arrived I couldn’t believe how they were simply staring at the nets. They were floating in the same position for a good 45 minutes. Eventually I turned to Mel and asked her if these guys are actually still alive ? She told me they were but Dolphin experts have said on numerous occasions that the behavior we seeing here is the behavior of a severely depressed animal. One that once it starts showing these kind of signs is either on the bring of death or is about to go crazy. Its very very common knowledge that all Dolphins and other Cetaceans in captivity have to be on antidepressants. These guys will probably get a double dose over the next few weeks to ensure they stay alive ready to sell them off to another pen somewhere else in the world.

I also want to show you the type of behavior they begin to display when the trainers come around with food.

Tricks for foodThey go from staring at the nest to jumping up and down. Have you ever wondered why Dolphins in captivity do the tricks they do. They do them because they have to , to get fed. The trainers only feed them twice a day and only if they perform for the trainers. They don’t naturally wave, turn around in circles and jump but instead they do this because its the only way they get food.

It seems pretty cruel right ? Can you imagine your neighbor was trying to teach his dog to sit. He would starve him for a good two weeks and then he would continue to  deprive the dog of food and the dog would ONLY get food if he sat, or rolled over or jumped up and down on command. You would probably call this neighbor sick and report him to the SPCA. This is the ‘natural’ process of ‘breaking in’ a wild Dolphin so we humans can go watch them perform for us for a few bucks at the local aquarium or dolphinarium.

Stripped Dolphin


Feeding time

Hunter turned circus clown OVER NIGHT. To much sadness.

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Heres to another BLUE day tomorrow.

Om Mani Padme hum everyone