So today is my last day in Taiji Japan. It has been the most incredible two weeks of my life.

Its not fair to expect myself to try put into words what this trip has meant to me. So I’m going to ask Xavier Rudd and my fellow Cove Guardian Olga Pristin to do that for me. This is a little something she put together after spending 10 days with us in Taiji. Thank you Olga. Thank you for being so brave, thank you for capturing all I have wanted to say today:

The song in this video is by the incredible Xavier Rudd. Please go support him by grabbing his latest album Spirit Bird.

My sincerest thank you to Nikki Both and Rosie Kunneke and everybody from Sea Shepherd South Africa for giving me this incredible opportunity to try spread the word and put a stop to the terrible atrocities here in Taiji. I can not begin to thank you enough.

To my amazingly generous soponsors PURE IMAGINATION MEDIA. Thank you – your generosity has meant more people in South Africa are aware of what is going on in Taiji today. Your generosity has meant that we are closer to saving our planet, closer to saving our animal friends, our Dolphin and Whale friends.


To my fellow Cove Guardians, to those I got to spend this time with in Taiji. Our shared laughs and our shared cries will never be forgotten. I hope to see you all again, here in Taiji. To Melissa Sehgal, you are an incredible person, your strength is an inspiration. I will forever take strength from you. Where ever you are in the world know you are in my prayers. Till we meet again.

Finally to my Dolphin and Whale friends. To those I saw slay in front of my own eyes. Im sorry I couldn’t do more, I’m sorry I couldn’t heal the pain, Im sorry I could only watch. To those I have gotten to spend these two weeks with. You are enslaved to us humans, you are broken , kept in pens the size of my swimming pool. Im so so so so sorry. I can only pray that you find it in your hearts to forgive us. We are criminals , for keeping you locked up like we do. I will never forget you. Specifically to those two False Killer Whales. I was drawn to you only because I was so shocked by your sheer size. I was so very shocked to hear that you have been in that same pen for two years now. Im sorry friends. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. One can only hope a better life for all of you. We will continue to try to end the suffering.

Taiji in my heart forever.

Please get involved and lets STOP this forever. Click here  for details of how to get involved.

This blog will continue, so please come back as often as you can, for as long as the suffering of sentient beings exists IT WILL BE MY GOAL to help to alleviate the suffering and the pain. I will try my best.

Thank you for reading and please continue on the journey with me as we try help together.

Om Mani Padme Hum.