We started today as we Cove Guardians do everyday. Wake up in the knowledge that we might be about to witness the torture, kidnapping and brutal slaughter of innocent beautiful Dolphins or small Whales. I can’t really explain the feeling you wake up with here in Taiji. Its numbing, but it also makes you feel very alive at the same time. It makes you treasure every moment of life, because its shows you how fragile it all really is.

So off to the harbor we went today to see if the banger boats will go out to sea. They didn’t. You sigh a little sigh of relief, you know there could be a migrating pod of Dolphins just kilometers away from Taiji and they are safe today. You smile.

Banger Boat Docked

So as monitors and activists we are continuously looking for answers in Taiji. Trying to find out what the killers are doing, what they up to and why have they  not been out to hunt in 5 days ?

Myslef and our Team Leader Mel were sitting at a vantage point above the harbor. When after a little gathering we saw two killer move over to the death door and begin to do this:

Death Door


Yes they were taking it apart. They were disassembling the tarps and structure around the entrance to the butcher house. This is used to move the bodies into the butcher house without us getting good visuals on the dead bodies.

I can not begin to explain the weight that was automatically lifted off my shoulders. This is a sign that the Season has most probably come to an end. Its a bitter sweet feeling. Relief, but also the understanding that as it stands right now come September 2013, those tarps go back up. The nets once again strewn across The Cove and our Cetacean friends are once again in grave danger.

The killers, well they spent the rest of the day cleaning and removing more nets from The Cove.

Check out The Cove Guardians Facebook page to see all the pics of todays clean up. We will continue to stay on the ground to monitor the entire clean up process and won’t leave until we know for certain the season is officially over. The date for that is supposed to be the 28th February 2013.

This is a day to celebrate. But more importantly a day to remember all those minds that have moved on. That were brutally killed this season. Its also a day to remember those that were saved from slaughter and are now jailed. Jailed and forced to do tricks for food. Enslaved for human entertainment.

Have a good rest of your day. Try be good to others.