From the Cove Guardian Facebook page:  ‘Boats have stayed in port now for 4 consecutive days despite calm seas and warm weather. Police are denying that the season has ended. We have had media and journalists here with us for the past 4 days as well….could the killers be dodging the cameras?’ February 24, 2013 7:06am #tweet4taiji

Once again we simply have to wait and see what these guys do. They didn’t call this OPERATION INFINITE PATIENCE for nothing right?

So I’m sure you are now well aware of the two distinct seasons in Taiji. Winter = Hunting season. Summer = fun.

Ever wondered what happens to The Cove in Summer.

Well here is the winter story:

Winter Cove

But take a look at it in the Summer time (excuse the picture it was taken off a pamphlet advertising Taiji in Summer):

Summer Cove

Thats right the wonderful people in Taiji let their tourists swim in the beautiful Cove during the Summer. The worst part is if you look closely you will see they put up a sea pen and last year they brought a Pilot Whale over and for a small price you could go swimming with the Whale. The Whale is brought back to the place where it was kidnapped from. Where its family was slaughtered and now made to perform for tourists or starve.

I wonder if all these people actually know that they are swimming in the largest Dolphin abattoir in the world. The are swimming in the saddest place I have ever seen. They are swimming in a graveyard.

Sad sad place this Taiji.

Lets hope our winning streak continues and we don’t have to witness the winter Cove at its ‘grandest’ tomorrow.

Om Mani Padme Hum – my friends. Thanks for reading and for spreading the truth about this horror.