So its 17h45 on Day 1 of my Cove Guardian experience.Before we jump in let me express my deepest and sincerest condolences to Reeva Steenkamps family , Oscar and the Pistorius family. No words can describe the sadness that these people must be going through. Om Mani Padme Hum, sending all the love.

Let me tell you a little about a Valentines day in Taiji Japan.

After a quick train trip I arrived this morning to HEAR the awesome news that the hunters went out and St Valentines be doing his shit and making today all about love for our Dolphins. Over the next few weeks while I’m here I’m sure you will be able to follow exactly how the hunt happen here in Taiji, for now know the hunters sometime they come back empty handed – this is called a Blue day cause the killing cove stays BLUE and doesn’t stain RED with Dolphin Blood. Its a great day !!!

But this great day is not so great for the hundreds of Dolphins and Whales that are held captive in Taiji. I got to spend the afternoon at the captive Training Camp.

Training Pens

They begin capturing these dolphins in The Cove ,then kill their families. These Dolphins are the pretty ones so they saved from the slaughter and sold to the captivity trade. Before they sold they need to be ‘broken in’ and trained. This is what happens at these pens.

I want to show you one of the pens that broke my heart. In the pic below look at the Pen at the back. This can’t be bigger than 6×6 meters.

Dolphin Pens


In this pen they have two False Killer Whales and two Bottle Nose Dolphins. These False Killer Whales are huge animals. These guys were stolen from the wild and have been forced to stay in these pens and do stupid tricks to get fed twice a day. They have been in these Pens for just over two years now. TWO YEARS :-( It just broke my heart to see them jump around almost having to go straight up and down cause their new home is tiny. Cruelty at its GRANDEST :-(.

False Killer Whale

Heres the Big guy in full flight. Heart breaking.

Ill write a little bit more  later about whats going on here and how all fits together.

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Chat soon.